Leading UK car buyer, Cash 4 Cars, wants to buy your car!

Will Cash 4 Cars buy my car?

Cash 4 Cars will give a valuation on any type of car. We are always looking to buy privately owned cars, company cars, fleet cars, four wheel drive and prestige cars. Please complete the registration number above form or telephone01158 882 255 and talk to one of our friendly team.

What is my car worth?

Cash 4 Cars uses a straight-forward system with all the information needed to calculate the value of your car. After completing the registration number above, one of our friendly professional staff will contact you to confirm the age, model and condition of your car. You will now get a proposal from Cash 4 Cars.

I need to sell my car fast. How quick can I get cash for my car?

If you need to sell your car quickly please complete the registration number above form or telephone 01158 882 255 and Cash 4 Cars will arrange a fast appraisal and make you a priority offer.

What if my car has suffered accident damage?

If the damage is not significant and the car is not an insurance write-off, Cash 4 Cars may still make an offer to buy your car. Please don't forget to mention any damage or broken parts when you talk to one of our friendly professional staff.

How do I get paid if I sell my car?

An agreed payment will be made in full before we leave with your car. The payment can be made by cheque, cash or a secured payment into your bank.

I have an outstanding car loan, can I still sell my car?

If the offer made by Cash 4 Cars is greater than the outstanding debt, Cash 4 Cars will pay the balance of the finance and the rest of the cash will be paid directly to the seller.

I have lost the log book, can I still sell my car?

Cash 4 Cars can arrange for a replacement log book (V5) from the DVLA.

How much does it cost to sell my car to Cash 4 Cars?

There are no hidden charges, it is totally free to sell your car to Cash 4 Cars.